Save on Dentures, Bridges, and More with a Dental Savings Plan

Once you’ve reached a certain age, it becomes more and more important to make the most of your money. Living off retirement savings and social security tends to really limit just how much you can afford to spend. And while some Medicare Advantage plans offer a certain degree of coverage, they often have a low limit. It’s for these reasons, many seniors simply forgo dental treatments due to the high costs often associated with them.

Dental health is important, however, not just to your quality of life, but also to your overall health. That’s why we recommend looking into a dental savings plan, and here’s what you should know.

Dental Work

They are not the same as insurance.

Dental savings pans often provide far more flexibility than dental insurance coverage. They’re typically quite affordable and they don’t come with annual spending caps either. Instead of paying for a portion of your services, these plans can entitle you to deep discounts on dental care.

You’ll need to talk to your dentist.

It’s important that you find a dental savings plan that your dentist accepts. Otherwise, you might have to settle for a new dentist.

You can save anywhere from 10-60%.

Savings will vary depending on your location and provider. The discounts will likely vary based on the dental procedure you need done as well. You can always discuss alternative procedures with your dentist to see where costs can be cut. The best part is, you won’t have to wait for insurance to approve your procedures either.

They become effective almost immediately.

With most dental savings plans, they become active within 72 hours. There’s no long waiting period before you can use them and no deductible to meet either. You can sign up for a plan just a couple of days before you need to use it and that’s totally okay.

They’re easy to use.

With dental savings plans, there’s no paperwork to file or claims to worry about. You just pay the discounted rate to the dentist directly. Plus, you can even use them to save on cosmetic procedures that likely wouldn’t be covered by insurance.

They don’t have major qualification restrictions.

Pre-existing condition? No worries. Almost everyone can qualify for a dental savings plan – there aren’t health or age restrictions.

We do suggest that you spend some time reviewing and comparing different plans, of course. Consider what treatments you’re most likely to need and check out what plans offer the best savings on those procedures.