How to Spend Less on Holiday Gifts for Your Family This Year

When the holidays roll around, we’re often tempted to shop ‘til we drop – especially for our grandchildren. Truth is, while it’s certainly fun to spoil our family members rotten, it can also seriously add up. It’s easy to go over budget, especially with the sort of high-tech toys and video games kids want these days. Worst of all, many of those expensive, technologically advanced gifts often don’t stand the test of time. That’s why we’ve got some suggestions that can help you save money while still showing you care.

Sentimental Gift

Sentiment > Spending

While sentimental gifts may not be the most well received by young family members, you shouldn’t rule them out. As our grandkids grow up, they often reflect differently on things. Sure, a small, sentimental trinket may not be what they want right now. However, it can take on new meaning a few years down the road. Things taken for granted in our youth can easily become more meaningful when we later choose to associate them with our childhood.

Instead of spending a fortune on the latest and greatest fads, consider something with sentimental value instead.

Providing Necessities

Again, while the basic necessities may not be as well received as a new toy, they’ll definitely be more useful. Why not leave the trends to Santa and instead gift the gift of something that will last longer? Socks, travel gear, clothing (if you know the proper sizes and styles) are totally acceptable (and affordable) gifts.

Keeping it Simple

What kids want and the gifts they’ll later respect the most are entirely different things. Similarly to sentimental gifts, books and old fashioned board or card games also make better gifts than one might expect. Sure, they may be glued to their gadgets now, but that won’t always be the case.

These gifts show that you’ve put thought into things rather than buying things from this year’s wish list. While appreciation may not be instantaneous, it will likely come in time.