Four More Senior-Centric Tech Companies That Care About The 50+ Demographic

As the age of our population steadily increases, companies are developing more and more products targeted at the elderly. There are many problems to tackle in old age, like health, independence and loneliness. Here are a few companies that were founded solely for improving the lives of those aged 50 and up.

Seniors Online

Siren Care

Seniors with diabetes often have neuropathy, which makes any injury to the foot especially dangerous. What Siren Care has done is create a sock that monitors the temperature of the user’s feet. Monitoring foot temperature has been proven to be significantly more effective than just using therapeutic footwear and “watching closely.” This allows an immediate response from the user to get to a doctor and receive preventative care. The earlier the warning, the better, because this can mean preventing an amputation.


Life Site

This company has created a product that’s great for digitizing a family’s information, making it easier to keep track of. It’s especially useful for organizing documents, be it a passport or important health documents, keeping caregivers on the same page. Using the mobile app, you can access stored documents easily, or scan new ones and upload them for future use. It also works with passwords, if you have a habit of forgetting them.



Long distance caregivers can keep track of their loved ones through Evermind, which monitors the use of electric devices. Using real-time remote information, caregivers can make sure that important medical equipment is being used and routines are followed. If not, intervention can occur much quicker than normal.



Many know of the horror stories of senior financial exploitation, and EverSafe is looking to prevent that. They use your financial history to develop a profile and cross-examine it with transactions to check for irregularities. If suspicious activity is found, it’s sent to the EverSafe app. Once there, people like close family members can be designated to receive this information by making them a “trusted advocate.”