Enjoy a Free Vacation in Europe Simply by Talking to People

Many folks who travel abroad might not spend much time getting to know the locals. However, that may be to their detriment. Not only can you build incredible friendships while immersing yourself in the local culture, you might also save some money. By teaching conversational English, your meals and lodging could be free.

European Vacation

You Don’t Need to Speak the Language

You don’t need to be fluent in any language but English, and there are no textbooks involved either. The students are often business people looking to practice listening to and speaking with English speakers. From mid-level managers to executives, business owners, and even government employees, these are folks who’ve learned English already. They just aren’t one-hundred-percent comfortable with using it in a real setting.

You don’t have to drill them or anything. By simply having conversations in English, you help them gain the confidence they need to succeed.

What You’ll Talk About

Conversations completely run the gamut. While you’ll likely start out with basic introductions, conversations quickly evolve. You may find yourself talking about religion, world politics, or important social issues. Essentially, you’ll talk about anything and everything – sometimes even controversial subjects.

You’ll talk over meals, in one-on-one sessions, and two-on-twos as well. There are also group activities in which you’ll participate as well. You may also have telephone time to help curb the students’ reliance on body language.

Of course, you’ll get free time to yourself, too. We can’t all be extroverts all of the time.

Where Can I Sign Up?

In Eastern Europe, the program is called Angloville, and in Spain, there’s one called Diverbo. While you’ll need to cover your own travel expenses, they cover the rest.

In the end, you’ll have a fun, activity-filled vacation in a resort setting. Plus, you’ll likely make some fantastic, new, foreign friends as well.