How You Can Save Some Serious Money on Dental Implants

As we age, we often find ourselves dealing with more and more dental issues. From dentures to crowns to implants, these things aren’t even remotely cheap. Budgeting for them can be rough, but at the same time it often seems wholly necessary. The last thing any of us want is to be both old and toothless. Obviously, dentures are more affordable, but with implants, it’s like still having actual, natural looking teeth. Wondering how you can afford them? Here are some tips.

dental implants

Talk it Over with Your Dentist

For such an expensive procedure, you may be able to work out a financial plan to pay for your implants. Many dentists will offer to let you pay over time for them. Making payments as opposed to paying for everything at once can make implants easier to fit into a tight budget.

Shop Around

Even if you love your regular dentist, it never hurts to shop around as well. Different dentists charge different rates, and you might even find better prices as a dedicated implant clinic. Consult with multiple offices and clinics so you can compare costs.

Get a Dental Discount Plan

If you don’t already have dental insurance of some sort, it might be wise to look into a discount plan. At the very least, it might shave 20 to 30% off of the cost.

Consider Going to a Dental School

No, we’re not suggesting you learn to DIY your implants, silly. We’re talking about getting the procedure done at a school of dentistry. You’ll often pay much less than you would at a regular dentist’s office. While, yes, you’ll likely be worked on by a student, they are all working under supervision. There are plenty of skilled dental professionals on hand. Plus, they may even have newer tools and technology as well.

Of course, you may have to meet various criteria to qualify for treatment through a dental school. Often your annual income is taken into account.

Be a Dental Tourist

Sometimes it pays to travel outside the U.S. There are several Asian, Eastern European, and South American countries that are known for having high quality dental care. Often, it comes as a fraction of the cost as it might stateside. Depending on the cost of the procedure, it may be less expensive to have it done abroad. And that includes factoring in travel costs and accommodations, too.