3 Top Tips for Seniors Traveling Solo

More and more seniors these days are getting out and seeing the world by themselves these days. This doesn’t mean they’re sad or lonely though. In most cases, it shows confidence more than anything. It means they can enjoy their own company, travel at their own pace, and do what interests them most. Plus, traveling alone also makes it easier to make new friends as well.

Unfortunately, for some folks, traveling alone can be quite intimidating. It doesn’t have to be.

woman traveling

1. Look for travel opportunities that involve socializing.

Don’t want to feel alone in your journey? There are plenty of ways to stay social while traveling both locally and abroad.

You might consider a voluntourism package, for example. This allows you to travel to unique, far off locations, but with a purpose. You might teach English, help care for orphaned children, or even assist in marine field research. Whatever your choice, you can be a part of a noble project and befriend other volunteers while you’re at it.

Alternatively, you can travel somewhere with hosted accommodations, or stay in a hostel. There are also a lot of special interest cruises, vacation packages, and group tours out there as well.

2. Try not to worry about the worst-case scenarios.

If you’re worried about standing out like a sore thumb (or lost tourist), we understand. It can make you fearful of getting hassled or even robbed. Although, many popular travel destinations are likely safer than you think.

The odds of you falling victim to harassment or robbery are pretty slim, but it never hurts to be prepared. Make sure you have backup copies of your travel documents and personal identification. (We highly recommend getting travel insurance, especially when traveling alone.) Also, be sure to establish a local contact, be it a friend or an innkeeper.

Leave expensive jewelry and devices at home, dress comfortably, and keep important belongings close at hand.


3. Embrace local customs.

Not only will this help you blend in better, it’ll also give you some great stories to share back home. If you aren’t traveling as part of a group outfit, consider hiring a local guide to show you around. Talk to the locals and try to learn more about the area you’re visiting. Ask about what activities you should look into while you’re there as well.

The best vacations are the ones where you get to live a great story.