Tech Shy? Here’d Why You Shouldn’t Be Intimidated by the iPhone

When it comes to cell phones for seniors, the iPhone is actually a really great option. While it may seem super fancy and high-tech, it has a plethora of features that make it super user-friendly. You can also save a lot of money if you aren’t dead set on attaining the newest model. (In our opinion, it’s not really necessary to spend extra for the latest and greatest.)

Even the older iPhone 5s has pretty much all the features you’ll need. That includes the ability to FaceTime with the grandkids.

woman with iPhone

Touch ID

The iPhone features a thing called Touch ID, which lets you bypass fiddling with a lock screen. To unlock your phone or to approve purchases, you can simply use your fingertip. This replaces the need to remember passcodes and passwords for things.

Friendly Service

Need tech support? That’s what Apple’s Genius Bar is for. Instead of calling up kids and grandkids, you can call or meet one-on-one with an expert. Luckily, iOS is also easier to use than most Android interfaces, too.

It’s Trendy

iPhones are ubiquitous, and they’re great for everyone – young and old alike. You don’t need a special phone just because you’re older. Plus, there are tons of case options available, so you can customize it to your hearts content. (You can even get a custom printed case featuring a favorite photo, monogram, or other design.)

It’s Rich with Features

There are many accessibility tools available on the iPhone, including built in voice commands and adjustable text sizes. These make the phone appealing for everyone, even those with disabilities. There’s also “AssistiveTouch” to provide even more help to those who are new to using smartphones.

Plus, there are tons and tons of apps available for the iPhone. From simple news and weather apps, to streaming music, fitness and health trackers – you name it, the iPhone’s got it.