Singing the Praises of Senior Discounts: Why You Should Embrace Your Age

While few of us want to admit we’re getting older, there’s no reason we shouldn’t take advantage of the perks. There’s nothing wrong with being proud of how far we’ve come, but pride does sometimes get in the way. Why should we let nerves, or a sense of pride, keep us from saving money?

Everything Changes

Once we reach a certain age, it becomes obvious that advertisers simply treat us differently. We aren’t part of the same target market to which we once belonged. The depressing advertisements start flowing in – the junk mail, the phone calls, the promotional posts on social media.

While not all of it is somber, there’s often a focus on being old. There are the funeral planning brochures, pharmaceutical ads, commercials for walk-in tubs, and free trial offers for incontinence products. But, here’s the thing, whether any of that is beneficial to you, it’s not what getting old is about.

Searching for the Good Stuff

Getting old isn’t about getting bombarded about things that people want to sell you. It’s about loving life, taking advantage of the perks, and not letting the bonuses pass you by.

Not everything that appeals to you will be advertised to you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t save money. In fact, many senior discounts won’t be advertised. Once you’re over the hill, a lot of things suddenly become a lot cheaper – if you know to ask.

Senior discounts aren’t just about prescription drugs and discounted eyeglasses. You can save on all sorts of recreational activities, clothes, wine, and even pet grooming. In other words, you can get the same products and services as young people but pay less for them.

Defy the Stereotypes

Surprisingly, a lot of older individuals don’t actually utilize available discounts. Sometimes it’s hard to accept or admit to aging, and some people even feel embarrassment about requesting discounts.

Instead of running from one’s age, defy the stereotypes. There’s no reason not to accept a discount, even if you’re rich. In fact, rich people are often the least embarrassed when it comes to being frugal.

You shouldn’t let the idea of asking about senior discounts make you feel bad about your age or financial status. No one’s going to judge you (though they might be a little jealous) for saving money on something.

So, go out, enjoy a movie, a round of golf, a restaurant meal, or whatever it is you want. And always ask if there’s a discount for people your age.