Don’t Let the Internet Overwhelm You: How to Beat FOMO

Now that everyone’s online, FOMO – or, fear of missing out – has become a serious issue for people young and old. There’s always more to see, things to read, images to share, and it’s truly never-ending. While it’s true, the internet has revolutionized how we live, there’s also this downside to it. For some, it becomes overwhelming and requires a strategy to overcome.

Here are some tips to help you avoid succumbing to FOMO and getting overwhelmed on the web and social media.

Woman Using the Internet

1. Value your time and money.

Your time is not unlimited and there’s a good chance your finances aren’t either. Many websites are simply not respectful of that at all, and often they’ll even use your emotions against you. Whether the intent is to sell a product or to simply keep you engaged, your time is a commodity.

Nearly every website you visit either wants you to either spend money or time for their benefit. These things belong to you, so it up to you to decide how to spend them.

2. Decide what’s important.

Any time you express an interest in something, you open yourself up to a deluge of information. Whether you join a Facebook group, sign up for a webinar, or join a new social platform, the floodgates open.

One minute you find something to be interesting, the next you’re completely overwhelmed with new information.

When signing up, ask yourself, “am I really interested in this, or am I simply afraid of missing out?”

3. Deny the sense of urgency.

One of the most common tricks in the online marketing handbook is to create a sense of urgency. Don’t buy anything without taking the time to sleep on it. If a company gives you an offer that doesn’t allow for you to deliberate for 24 hours, it’s intentional. They’re trying to catch you off guard and make you feel like you’ll miss out if you don’t act fast. Don’t you find that rather rude?

4. Don’t be afraid to unsubscribe or unfollow.

Ideally, we should all clean out our inboxes at least once every week or two. If you’re getting emails that don’t completely interest you, it’s okay to unsubscribe. Getting barraged by Facebook notifications? You can always unfollow. (You don’t even have to unfriend someone to unfollow their posts, so you don’t have to worry about offending anyone.) Too many things in your Instagram feed? Unfollow the ones that aren’t interesting or that you know are trying to sell you something.

The truth is, you’ll never be able to consume every bit of information that’s accessible online. It’s physically impossible. That’s why me must value our time and money and dedicate it to the things we care most about.