Know Your Options: Senior Discount Programs for Those 50 and Up

While many places offer senior discounts, often these discounts are for members of certain organizations. You’ve likely heard of at least one of them as they include the AARP, AMAC, ASA and others. We highly suggest joining at least one of these membership clubs if you want to maximize your monthly savings. The yearly dues are often completely negligible compared to how much you’ll regularly save.

Available discounts cover everything from dining and entertainment to groceries, clothing, and even travel expenses.

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The most well-known senior discount club is the AARP (American Association of Retired Persons). A non-profit organization designed to assist seniors aged 50 and up, they offer many exciting benefits. You’ll find discounts at countless stores, pharmacies, restaurants, and much more.

The yearly membership fee is typically $16, though with auto renewal it can be as low as $12. Of course, it pays for itself pretty quickly once you begin taking advantage of the benefits an AARP membership offers.


The AMAC (Association of Mature American Citizens) is the “conservative alternative” to the AARP. A one-year membership will cost you $16, though they have discounted options if you sign up for multiple years. Like the AARP, they also offer discounts across a variety of categories. However, these do differ, so we definitely recommend perusing the benefits to see which membership is right for you.


The American Seniors Association, or ASA, is yet another conservative alternative to the AARP. Membership costs $15 a year, though it will cover your spouse for free. Like the other two organizations, ASA also offers exclusive discounts, though it has significantly fewer available, especially when it comes to shopping and dining. Of course, it never hurts to check out what benefits are available. Depending on your needs, ASA may still be a good choice for you.


There’s no age requirement to join AAA, and it’s a bit more expensive than the others. However, it comes with a plethora of benefits in addition to various travel, dining, and entertainment discounts. If you’re in an accident, run out of gas, or have car trouble, AAA will send help to your location. Additionally, AAA even has a prescription drug savings program that could help you save on medications.