3 Ways to Stay Connected with Family When Traveling on a Cruise

Obviously, one of the major reasons people go on cruises is to “disconnect.” It sounds ideal, to eschew distractions of every day hum drum life and to not worry about a thing.

While, yes, we could use some time away from it all, it’s the stress that we want to escape. It doesn’t mean we want to cut off all contact with loved ones. Many of us would like to share with them the stories of our adventure, let them know we’re doing well.

That’s where things become challenging when you’re on a cruise ship. Yes, many ships offer Wi-Fi nowadays, it’s not always available, nor is it always free. Besides, wasn’t the plan to unplug? Here are three ways you can keep in touch without relying internet while aboard a cruise.

1. Send handwritten letters.

Forget staring at a computer screen or mobile device while on vacation. Instead, pack some fancy stationary so you can write some good, old-fashioned, letters. Once you’ve settled into your vacation, find a comfortable place to sit and write tales of your fabulous travel adventures. Embrace the opportunity to let your creativity shine. Once you come into port, you’ll be able to mail your letters from any exotic locales you may visit.

2. Pick up some beautiful post cards.

Not one for writing long letters? Send your friends and family some post cards instead. Nearly everyone loves receiving postcards from far away places. Plus, you can collect some as mementos for yourself as well.

In an age where so many of our communications are digital, there’s something special about being sent a postcard. They’re briefer than a letter, but that’s fine. It shows you’re thinking of your loved ones while still enjoying your trip. Plus, it gives you a reason to go exploring whenever the ship is docked.

3. Find alternative Wi-Fi sources.

Really just can’t wait to share your experiences, let family know how your doing, and get instant feedback? We understand. Often the ship’s crew can direct you towards a place where you can find Wi-Fi when you pull into a port. Many towns will have coffee shops or internet cafes where you can connect online if necessary.

If you’re spending more than a day in a single country, you can also perhaps use your mobile devices. In some countries you can buy a pre-paid mobile sim card to use.