Big Savings for Seniors Over 60 – 10 Hot Dining and Entertainment Discounts


When you’re a senior, going out doesn’t have to cost quite as much as it does for everyone else. At many places, if you’re 60+, you simply don’t have to pay full price anymore. Whether you want to catch a movie with your grandkids or have a meal out, don’t forget these discounts.

(Keep in mind, these offers may vary based on location, so be sure to ask for them.)

1. AMC Theatres

Seniors over 60 can enjoy up to 30% off the regular adult admission price at nearly all AMC locations. Most locations also have even deeper discounts – up to 60% off – on Tuesdays, too. Considering they’re the second largest theater chain in North America, there’s likely one near you.

2. Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop

Pick up some ice cream after your movie and get 10% off if you’re over 60.

3. Dairy Queen

The same discount (10% off for seniors over 60) can also be had at participating Dairy Queen locations.

4. Applebee’s

Going out to dinner? Many Applebee’s locations offer a 10% discount for men and women over 60 years of age.

4. Local Museums and Botanic Gardens

While most museum discounts will be location specific, it never ever hurts to ask. If you’d like to enjoy a day out at your local art museum or botanic gardens, call ahead. Often attractions like these will either offer senior discounts year-round or have a special senior discount day.

6. Cinemark/Century Theatres

Cinemark also offers discounts for seniors, though theirs are typically limited to one day a week – aka Senior Day. While this is often Monday, you’ll need to call your local theater to find out for sure. Some exclusions apply, and the discount ticket price is not valid for IMAX films either.

7. Chick-fil-A

At participating Chick-fil-A locations you only need to be 55 to qualify for a discount. Many of their restaurants offer 10% off and a free drink.


Like Ben & Jerry’s and Dairy Queen, TCBY also offers a 10% discount. Plus, you only have to be 55 to get it.

9. CiCi’s Pizza

If you’re over 60, be sure to ask about CiCi’s senior discounts. Most location will give you 10% off.

10. Carmike Cinemas

Like Cinemark, most Carmike locations have a designated day that they award senior discounts. Additionally, the required age might also be as high as 65. However, it’s worth calling your local Carmike’s to request information, since the discount could be up to 35%.

Of course, this is just a short list of places where discounts are typically available. As we always suggest, whenever you’re eating out or buying something, make sure you ask about senior discounts. They’re available in far more places than you might expect. It’s also worth noting that an AARP membership can also open up many additional discounts.