Senior Travel Destinations: Being a Tourist in Your Own Town

“Staycations,” as they’re often called are becoming more and more popular these days. Maybe you lack the funds to travel abroad or you don’t want to stray far from home. Perhaps, you’re just interested in seeing what more your town or city has to offer. Whatever the case, there are several benefits to vacationing closer to home. Here are some reasons why you might want to try being a hometown tourist, and some tips, too!


1. You won’t need travel insurance.

Staying close to home also means being within close range of your trusted doctors and caregivers. If a medical emergency arises, you’ll have much less to worry about than you would traveling somewhere far away.

2. You’ll learn new things about your home.

Instead of being blinded by your daily routine, you’ll discover more of what your home has to offer. Instead of sticking with what’s familiar, you’ll see and try new things. There’s an extra bonus to that, too. If you find something new that you truly enjoy, like a new restaurant, you’ll be able to easily return. Plus, if you make new friends with the locals, they won’t be a plane ride away either.

3. You’ll save a lot of money.

Since you won’t be spending money on airfare and other major travel expenses, you can afford to splurge a little. Whether you book a fancy hotel room, stay at a bed and breakfast, or return home is up to you. Either way, you’ll at least save on airfare and travel insurance. We recommend finding unique accommodations, that way you’ll really feel like you’re on a true vacation.

4. Look for tourist attractions.

We’re not talking about visiting the stereotypical attractions with a fanny pack and camera. We mean checking out some guides to find the real attractions. Check Trip Advisor, Thrillist, or your local travel bureau for unique and interesting things to do and places to visit. You might even consider booking a guided tour.

5. You can invite your friends.

Since you’ll be in town, make plans to visit with friends while you’re there! Have coffee or lunch in a new restaurant or café to which you’ve both never been. Maybe they can even pick you up at your hotel or B&B.

6. Pick up a souvenir.

Like you would on any good vacation, make sure you pick out a souvenir to remember your “trip.” This doesn’t have to be anything costly – maybe just a small trinket or a ticket stub even. And don’t forget to take photos, too.

The key to being a tourist in your own town is to really make it feel like a true vacation.