Savvy Ways Seniors Can Save Money on Prescription Glasses

Costs often seem to really mount up as we get older. While one would think we’d need less stuff, things we do need often aren’t cheap. From medications to hearing aids and eyeglasses, none of these are things we wantto spend money on. Sadly, in most cases, we must.

Luckily there are ways that savvy seniors can save on almost every one of these necessities. Here, we’ll give you some tips to save on prescription eyeglasses.

1. Look for Member Discounts

If you’re an AAA or AARP member, you can likely get a discount on eye exams and glasses. Many retailers offer discounts for members of membership clubs like these. Always be sure to ask about available discounts whether you see a major retailer or go to a private practice.

2. Buy Your Glasses Online

Once you’ve had an eye exam, you can take your prescription just about anywhere you please. Shopping for glasses on the internet may be significantly less expensive than buying them at the optometrist’s. There are several popular online stores like Zenni Optical and Eye Buy Direct that offer incredibly inexpensive prescription glasses.

3. Check Discount Stores

Consumer Reports considers Costco to be one of the best places to buy eyeglasses. You don’t have to be a member to take advantage of their low pieces on prescription eyewear either. Walmart and Sam’s Club also have optical centers where you might find a reasonable deal.

4. Consider Investing in Vision Insurance

It may serve you well to invest in a standalone vision insurance policy. Alternatively, if you have Medicare coverage, you could potentially want to see about getting a Medicare Advantage plan. While Medicare doesn’t cover eyeglasses, many advantage plans do include vision care.

5. Ask for Assistance

If you’re on a low, fixed income, there might be a local organization that can help you cut costs. Try contacting your area Lions Club to see what options might be available to you.

Alternatively, programs like New Eyes for the Needy and OneSight may also be of assistance. Both of these organizations provide free glasses to those in need.