Seven Places You Should Always Ask if there’s a Senior Discount

Senior discounts are available in many places, but they aren’t automatic. While some stores and restaurants have designated senior discount days, others offer them all the time. In almost every case, however, you likely won’t get a discount if you don’t ask about it.

Here are seven places where you should always remember to ask an employee if there’s a discount available.


1. Restaurants

Applebee’s, Arby’s, Boston Market, Chick-fil-A, Dunkin Donuts, Subway, and many, many more offer discounts for seniors. In fact, you honestly might be surprised how many restaurants have senior discounts. Usually you can save about 10-15% off your meal, if you ask.

2. Clothing Stores

Lots of clothing stores have discounts for seniors, including Kohls, Banana Republic, Ross, and even Goodwill. The catch is that a lot of these stores only offer those discounts on certain days of the week.

The days vary by store and location, so you’ll need to ask an associate what day to shop.

3. Your Utility Company

While it’s not true of every company or available in every city, some utility providers give discounted rates for seniors.

4. Movie Theaters

Going out to catch a movie? Skip the automated ticketing machine and ask an associate if there’s a senior discount available. Like clothing stores, many theaters have specific senior discount days. Often these are on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, but they vary on the theater chain and location.

5. Gyms and Fitness Centers

Staying in shape as a senior doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, many facilities even offer discounts for men and women over 50.

Some healthcare plans also grant free or discounted access to various gyms and fitness centers, too. Even if you’re on Medicare, you may be eligible for a SilverSneakers membership. What’s that mean? Why, you could have free, unlimited access to over 14,000 fitness facilities.

6. The Grocery Store

Not all supermarkets have senior discounts, but a few do. That’s why it never hurts to ask.

7. Museums and National Parks

Many museums have special admission rates for seniors, as do most parks. If you’re outdoorsy and adventurous, you can even get an annual or lifetime Senior Pass to most federally managed parks.

The passes are $20 and $80, respectively, and grant access to over 2,000 recreation sites across the country. You also need to be over the age of 62 to qualify.