5 Totally Entertaining Free Activities for Seniors to Enjoy

You may be older, but you likely still enjoy getting out and doing things. Money shouldn’t be a setback either. While many seniors and retirees have fixed incomes and/or tight budgets, there are plenty of ways to save.

In fact, there are lots of entertaining activities that don’t even cost a thing. Here are five activities for seniors that are often free to enjoy.


Free Museum Days

Many art museums, and even some Zoos, often have one day or night every week where admission is free. Alternatively, some also have “pay what you can” days. Everything’s the same as the rest of the week, just more affordable.

Get Involved with Your Local Theatre

Many local and community theatres employ volunteer ushers in order to save money on production costs. In exchange for helping people to their seats and passing out programs, volunteers get to see the shows for free. Plus, you also get to feel good about supporting your local performance art community.

Reading Clubs

If you love reading, book clubs and discussion groups can be a great way to get out and socialize. Often organized by local libraries and book stores, you can discover a whole new group of friends by attending meetups.

Open Mic Night

Whether you have your own funny story or hidden talent or not, open mic nights can be quite entertaining. Many local, independently run coffee houses provide a stage for local amateur comedians and aspiring musicians. They’re free to attend, it’s a fantastic way to support local creatives, and you might even want to join in.

Special Events

Most major cities have a plethora of free community events throughout the year. From art walks and gallery openings to literary readings, and even movie screenings, there’s often a little something for everyone. Check your local community newspaper to see what might be going on near you.